Seeing 20/20 starting at home

Sure, as soon as everyone realized that the following year was "2020," all of the clever sayings began. And this blog title is no exception, except maybe in its content. As we begin another year and decade full of promise, our minds begin thinking of all of the personal milestones, professional objectives, and mindfulness goals that we hope to achieve. But I say that before that, even before we bravely step foot outside our front doors to charge forward, we take a look around to see the clutter that is holding back our freedom at home -- piles on the kitchen counter, at the front door, by the computer, on the dining room table, on our nightstands, and (for some) in our vehicles parked in the garage. Each of these piles is like a little cloud that casts a shadow on our true restfulness whenever we are in the same room with them. Moving into the New Year, let's begin to see 20/20 within our homes by banishing those clouds with some de-cluttering of our homes (and lives)! Oh sure, all of those other goals are great, but how nice it would be to tackle these other goals knowing that things are squared away at home. Too much to think about? Then consider taking on the decluttering process in a more systematic way that breaks down the task. This article suggests a great plan to tidy your space. And when you need more help, feel free to reach out to JB Designs for space planning and organizing services. It is my pleasure to help others see the light!

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