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Islands in the Stream

Islands in the Stream....who remembers that song? Sometimes our family lives are like that -- each family member floating along in a sea of busyness to finally meet up somewhere, most likely the kitchen island where we pause to grab a bite, commiserate, or just "spill the tea." While not always a household fixture, the island has become the epicenter of the modern home as many homeowners are opting to demo the divide between the kitchen and dining spaces to make way for this purposeful pedestal. In my own kitchen, a recent renovation included such a project, and I have to admit that having an island has not only increased the functionality of the kitchen but also has created a harmonious hub for impromptu catch-up meetings with our teenage sons as they breeze through for yet another snack. No longer relegated to the "dedicated" (aka separated) kitchen while meals are being prepped, I have the pleasure of sharing space with a son who is doing homework at the island or another who might be filling out paperwork or plopping down on a comfortable stool to find out what's for dinner. For my own island, I elected to go with a clean island by positioning my stovetop and sink on perimeter counters. However, there are various kitchen configurations which might dictate other arrangements. If you are considering an upgrade to your kitchen or thinking that you would like to include an island but would like a professional second opinion, please consider teaming up with JB Designs. There are lots of things to consider for each unique kitchen layout, and this article notes some things to discuss as part of your plan. Speaking from experience, I am a huge proponent of having a kitchen island, which truly is an oasis in the stream of daily activity.

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