Meet the Decorator

Janie Burger is the decorator owner of JB Designs, Interior Design Studio.  After earning her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and working in various capacities in multiple business industries, including biomedical, financial, and legal, Janie's yearning to express her creativity and lifelong love of design and space planning still remained as she continued to be a student of interior style and decorating throughout her lifetime.  Growing up with a mother who continually redecorated their family home, Janie gained an appreciation for making a home unique as styles evolved over the years.  Learning hands-on about electrical and construction from her father, Janie understands what's behind the walls and has the unique ability to see the whole space and how it can be best used to maximize functionality and accommodate a client's lifestyle.  Janie believes that everyone has a sense of style, at least certain styles to which they gravitate and zones in which they feel comfortable and operate best.  Her desire is to help her clients discover and define their styles so that together they can create more beautiful and functional spaces that work better with the client's lifestyle.


Janie lives north of Pittsburgh, PA in Allison Park with her husband and three teenage sons.  In addition to enjoying time with her family, Janie and her husband frequent estate sales on weekends when they are not chauffeuring their sons to their many activities.  And spring through fall, Janie enjoys gardening as her "therapy." 


Interior Decorator

& Owner